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Most modern garage doors rely on the electronic door opener as a locking mechanism. The idea is that the remote, keypad or wall button is the garage door key, and if someone doesn’t have the key, they shouldn’t be able to open the door. Unfortunately, the locked out garage door is one of the most inconvenient things for homeowners. Not only does it interfere with plans, but it can make you late.

Solutions for locked out garage door

Locked Out Garage Door - A1 super locksmith services

1. Call a professional locksmith to open locked out garage door

If you require assistance to improve your garage door’s security, a professional locksmith can access a locked out garage door and find a reliable security solution. The visits include a safety inspection and report, so you know your door’s vulnerabilities.

2. Invest in a Wi-Fi-enabled opener when we lock garage door from outside

A Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app. Investing in one is good if you lock garage door from outside. It bypasses the radio frequency system when the opener fails. In addition, it lets you monitor the garage door use or even lock or disable the system using a digital control panel.

3. Destructive entry

As the name implies, this technique will destroy the garage door’s lock. The easiest way to destroy a lock is through lock drilling. However, this process can be messy and loud, so expect to answer some questions from the neighbors.

4. Lock garage door manually- try the manual release 

When we lock garage door manually, try to release it manually. It is possible that a power outage has occurred and prevented the electric opener from opening the door. It can be accomplished from both the inside and outside of your garage. Most garage door openers have a manual release device we can access from inside. Older door styles may have an exterior handle at the bottom or on the face of the door that triggers a manual release.

5. Find the emergency release cord

Locate the emergency release cord, which includes a red handle and hangs from the center rail of the garage door track. It attaches to the trolley, which connects the arm of your garage door to the path. Only use the emergency release handle when the garage door is closed.

6. Check that the garage door is set in its track

lock garage door manually - A1 super locksmith services

If your garage door opens a little and stops, the problem may be with the door track. The opener can not be able to lift the door if a roller on the door has come off one of the side tracks. So instead, use a mallet to lightly tap the bent side of the track back into alignment. The garage door should lower quickly, and you can reconnect the opener.

Final words

Our experienced technicians at A1 Super Locksmith are only a call away. Our professional locksmiths can quickly solve a locked out garage door situation and fix a damaged track, roller, misaligned sensor, and malfunctioning opener. To make an appointment, contact our team today.


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