the Door Lock Installation Mistakes
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The main feature of your home’s security comes with the door lock installation. The locks bear the heaviest force when an intruder tries to break in. It means that door locks will determine the safety of your home.

However, there are several reasons why homeowners should consider hiring a professional locksmith to perform the door lock installation rather than doing it themselves.

Here, in this blog, we discuss the door lock installation mistakes.

1) Door lock misalignment

Amateur Door Lock Installation Mistakes


It is usually something along with the locking bolt or latches not lining up flush with the door’s strike plate, accommodating an extended bolt or latch. It is a general problem related to the faulty installation of a door or door frame.

It must be addressed soonest. The longer it is left unfixed, the worse it gets – and it can even lead to severe damage to the lock bolt of your door, which causes high repair costs and significant security issues.

2) Error in drilling the holes

Drilling the holes accurately is important for the perfect new door lock installation. Drilling the holes from the inside is the right way, and then sides should be switched instantly after witnessing the holes on the other side. The installer needs to be careful during the complete procedure.

3) Measuring from the bevel

If door locks are not measured accurately, your door will not close correctly. Ensure to calculate the lock position from the side of the door that is not beveled.

4) Orienting the new lock incorrectly

One of the most common lock installation mistakes amateurs make is placing the new deadbolt or door knob improperly and only realizing this after the screws have been installed. Ensure that you’re looking at the new lock in the correct orientation.

5) Digital locks

Digital locks have an excellent security solution, but not everyone knows the correct way to install them. People don’t consider the fact that the door lock installation process could be complicated.

In the end, they find themselves having to call an emergency technician to repair the door lock. But if you would like a correct system, then getting a professional locksmith for this lock installation from the beginning itself is advisable.

6) Not considering the weather

Amateur Door Lock Installation Mistakes


When it comes to fixing the door locks or the door lock installation, that day’s weather might be the last thing that comes to your mind. However, your door may warp in extremely hot and cold weather situations.

It will cause your measurements to be a little off, opening up many new problems. It may also describe the locks you look at that need to be made of water-proof and weather-proof materials.

Final words

A1 Super Locksmith has the best team of professionals who know the functions of all kinds of keys and locks and understand any problem that you may face.

Never hesitate to contact a professional technician if you need help with the door lock installation or anything related to locks. We provide a unique locking system that prevents intruders and burglars from improving your home or vehicle’s safety and security.

Neglecting to do so could cause more lock damage rather than matter resolved correctly.


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