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A1 super locksmith offers Lock Changing Services 24 hours a day. If you’re changing locks, leave it to us. We’re fast, local, and affordable. You do what you can to keep your property safe. Whether you have a home, flat, or business premises, you lock your doors to protect yourself. However, in some cases, our locks can’t always guard our homes. In many situations, you must change your locks so they can do their job correctly. We illustrate crucial times to consider lock changing services.

1. Replace damaged locks

Lock Changing Services by A1 Super locksmith services

Like all systems with moving parts, a lock finally wears out. Jamming the incorrect key into a lock or just the repetitive movement of locking and unlocking the door over time can ruin the internal mechanism, resulting in a key that sticks or is difficult to turn. Rekeying a damaged lock won’t fix the problem because it can’t make a worn-out lock new again—preexisting issues with the locking mechanism will still be there. In this case, the best choice is to replace the entire lock.

2. A roommate has moved out

Lock changing services are essential. You should have your locks changed even if your friend or roommate has moved out in good condition. You never know if that person will give the key to some other person or if they will have their reasons for coming back. In addition, people can change and may take desperate measures if they’re low on money. Not only is your security at risk when other people have a copy of your house key, but you risk your valuable items being taken. To be safe, always change your locks when your roommate has moved out.

3. You lost your keys

Losing a key is very difficult as just getting a replacement key. Whether you lost the key to your house or business premises, that lost key is bound to end up in the hands of an unknown person. So avoiding a future break-in or controversy is always safer by replacing the lock altogether and starting fresh with a brand new key! 

4. Better locks mean better security

After a break-in or a rash of robberies in the neighborhood, house owners should always upgrade to more secure locks. Modern door locks offer cutting-edge technology that both improves and simplifies home security. For example, many of today’s locks feature a keypad with a code instead of an old-fashioned key to unlock the door.

5. You moved to a new home

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Most people forget to replace their locks after moving to new premises. After buying a new home, many people forget that the old owners still have the key, and the retailer who sold you the house also has a key. Replacing your lock after a recent move is highly beneficial, as failing to do so puts you at risk of an unsolicited realtor or former owner visit

Final words

Contact A1 Locksmith for expert security services if you think it might be time for your commercial or residential locks to be rekeyed or any lock changing services if you are ready to upgrade to an access control system. 


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