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The door knobs and locking rely upon internal components to function. Before door locking become unusable & leaves your home susceptible to intrusion, there are certain signs to look for. If you suspect any signs of door locking malfunction, then you should go for lock repair. Sometimes the issue is rectified with a simple repair. Otherwise, there is a need of lock change. The signs of malfunction happen on daily basis. Or at times. This depends upon the issue. So, once you know what is the problem, just look for a locksmith service near me. This helps you to get the necessary lock repair done quickly.

Let’s look at some common signs of door lock malfunction:

  • Jiggling handle

When you turn the door handle, the knob should be tight as well as smooth. Do you notice a jiggle within the knob? If yes then, the internal components are weak. So try to tighten the handle on your own. However, if still door knob jiggles, there is a need for replacement. For that purpose, look for a lock installation near me.

  • Key jamming

What to do when you insert a key within the door lock? The key click in. Also, turn smoothly to unlock the door. However, when the key jams when you turn, there is a need of lock repair. So, for this purpose take the assistance of a locksmith service near me. The problem takes place within the lock cylinder spring.

  • Tight turning

When you try to open the door, the knob turns smoothly. Is your door knob feels tight? The key knob becomes stuck. Also, don’t return to the original state. The tight turn of the locking represents jam within it. Sometimes a part of it may become rusted. The locksmith cleans out the rust. However, ideally, you should replace the entire door knob.

  • Double door clicking

This is another sign of a problem. This is especially when you hear the door click twice. When you put an effort to shut it. Make sure not to click the door multiple times when you shut it. The click is a sign that door is not working properly. So you may probably have to go for lock change or repair.

Secure your peace of mind with lock repair service!

The faulty door locking system intrudes to break in easily. So, secure your property immediately. All you can do is look for a lock installation near me. The expert locksmith is here to fulfill all your locking requirements! Contact today for free consultation!










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