master key system

A master key system defines a group of locks, and the keys that engage them, which are related in a hierarchy with one key at the ‘top,’ which will use in many locks, and a large number of keys at the ‘bottom’ which may only operate in one lock. Hence, the fewer master key levels, the more secure the system. Careful planning is critical. From most significant access to least, we’ve described the levels of a master key system.

1. Great grand master key


The topmost level is the great grand master key of a master system. For example, if you wanted a key to open all your stores, you could cut a great grand master key. Generally, these keys are owned by an officer of the company and are kept under tight lock and key. Most key system vendors (including us)never recommend cutting these keys due to the extreme security risk. 

2. Grand master key

The next tier down is a grand master key of the master key system. It has more access levels than master keys but cannot open all the doors a great grand master key can. Grand master keys are generally used as a corporate master keys for all multi-site location access. Master Keys should also be limited to only a few close members within your organization.

3. Master key

A simple master key system consists of various doors each user can open with their corresponding key and one master key that can open all the doors. We often find this master keying system in office blocks and small companies.

4. Change key

A change key is also referred to as a sub-master key. It will open one lock and only locks that are precisely the same. The lock, which opens by change key, will also open using the master key and any key above that rank.

Advantages of master key systems

These are the advantages our clients enjoy the most:


1. Increased security

You can create your system to give employees or any member access to only the areas they require, increasing the security of your business premises.

2. Maximized control

Depending on your requirements, you can keep your master key to yourself. However, you can also duplicate it and give it to your trusted employee or high executive members. As long as you have the original master key, you will have full authority over it, which means your permission is required before the key is duplicated.

Final words

Whether you need a simple two-tiered system or something more complex with several access tiers, A1 Locksmith is here to help. Feel free to call us, and we’ll contact you to discuss your security needs as soon as possible. In addition, we can provide you with many high-quality locksmith services. So whether you require installing a master key system, a keyless entry system, or something else, we can help.


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